Last Tour, the organiser of Cala Mijas, is B Corp

B Corp is a global movement that evaluates and verifies the efforts made by an entity such as Last Tour to generate a positive social impact for society, the people linked to it, and the environment, as well as to continually revisit its social transformation goals.

Some key factors in becoming part of the B Corp community have been:

  • Reducing the environmental impact through a strict waste reduction and recycling system, promoting sustainable transport, and prevention and awareness programs against sexual assaults and for gender equality
  • Hiring local teams. 
  • Maximizing its social and cultural impact by providing free concerts.
  • civic commitment and the donations made from the festivals to projects to support migrants, reforestation, and the Food Bank.
  • Initiatives to support people who work in the live music industry during the pandemic
  • Economic impact on Mijas.

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