Press Accreditation request
for Cala Mijas 2023

The deadline for applying for press accreditation starts on  25th May and ends on 17th August 2023. Accreditations can only be requested using the form that will be available on this page of the festival website in due course.

For inquiries please contact



It is essential to publish or issue prior information about the festival in order to apply for an accreditation.

Accreditations can only be requested through the press section of by filling out this form, also available on the festival’s website.


On the dates indicated above, we will activate an accreditation request form in this section. One form must be filled out per person.

It is very important that you check the e-mail address that you include in the form on a daily basis. Informative communications to accredited press will be made through this channel.


In the case of radios and websites, there is a maximum of one accreditation per media outlet.

In the case of written press, a maximum of two accreditations will be given per media outlet, one for a photographer and one for an editor/reporter. No more than one person from each section will be accepted for the same written media outlet.

In the case of television, a maximum of three accreditations will be granted per media outlet. One of them must be for the editor/reporter.

The number of graphic professionals allowed by the bands is limited. The Organization will provide quality photographs to the media that do not obtain such accreditation.


On August 15th, people whose accreditations have been approved will be notified by email.

Accreditations do not guarantee that all festival performances can be photographed and/or filmed, given that some bands have their own restrictions and are the ones who have the final say on graphic and audiovisual coverage. The Organization will communicate the corresponding restrictions.


Accredited media will be informed of how to access your accreditation once your application has been approved.


Press accreditation does not give access to the VIP area, artists’ dressing rooms or exclusive access areas for Organization staff.

The Organization reserves the right to invalidate press accreditation at any time.

About Cala Mijas

60 seconds is how long it takes to take a Polaroid picture. Enough time to explain why Cala Mijas is the new holiday plan, the perfect finishing touch to the end of the summer. On August 31, and September 1 and 2, 2023, the images will come to life, like that photo, like that memory. The same memorable moments are reinvented in the form of an experience in Cala Mijas, with sand, with the sea as a backdrop, with music and a clear conscience. Because there are also plans for the future and for the 2030 agenda. Preserving the natural space, being a self-sufficient festival and leaving the smallest possible footprint in the space that will host the festival is essential to continue feeding those memories of eternal summer.