Idles en Cala Mijas 2023

Artists IDLES Starting from the incredible Brutalism and Joy as an Act of Resistance, passing through Ultra Mono, and ending with their most recent work, CRAWLER, they are the perfect definition of festival punk rock and this year, we’ll have them setting fire, metaphorically of course, to Kobetamendi yet again in the new edition of […]

La Élite

La Élite en Cala Mijas 2023

Artists La Élite LA ÉLITE are Spain’s Sleaford Mods. From Lleida, this duo is formed by Nil Roig (Yung Prado) and David Burgués, and 80s punk, new wave, synthesizers, and drum machines are the defining characteristics of this project. We are aware that with their attitude they could end up setting Cala Mijas on fire, […]

La Plazuela

La Plazuela en Cala Mijas 2023

Artists La Plazuela All musical genres are welcome at Cala Mijas, and La Plazuela samples from them all while remaining based in flamenco. They are a generational duo who are reflective of the creativity of a music scene that won’t sell its soul to one style. Flamenco is the quintessential street music genre; an urban […]


ARCA en Cala Mijas 2023

Artists ARCA ARCA is a creative figure in constant transformation. This noise queen has collaborated with artists such as Björk, Rosalía, and FKA twigs, designed her own album art, and built a community of loyal “mutants”. Her 2020 Grammy-nominated album, “KiCK i,” simultaneously overlays all of her musical identities. Arca has blurred lines between her […]


DUKI en Cala Mijas 2023

Artists DUKI DUKI belongs to the new wave of Argentine rappers who are conquering the world. He is currently one of the most listened to artists in the world, occupying the 175th position on Spotify alone. In 2022 he released the second part of Temporada de Reggaetón and participated in a session with Bizarrap. Without […]


Artists Tamino Tamino is a Belgian singer-songwriter of Egyptian descent. His voice is characteristic, personal, deep, and hypnotic, like that of Jeff Buckley. His pop and folk-style music always comes into play with his Arabic heritage. He has performed in major European festivals, such as Sziget, Rock Werchter, and Pukkelpop, and this time his art […]


Artists KETIOV B2B MOXIE Ketiov aka Voitek Taranczunk is based in Madrid and a resident at My Pleasure party and a Carbs organiser. On the other hand, Moxie devotes herself to her weekly show on NTS Radio. Two seemingly different worlds but connected through music curatorship. Who knows what this pairing will bring but they […]

Yung Prado

Artists Yung Prado Yung Prado is part of the Mainline collective and half of the punk group LA ÉLITE. He has filled our heads with rhythms we cannot stop dancing to. Last year he released his first album, Yung Pradito, which helped him get into the clubbing scene, playing in venues such as Apollo, Club […]


Artists Budino Budino is a kind of Italian pudding very similar to flan. Budino is also Valentina Bodini, an Italian DJ known for her psychedelic musical tapestries made with entrancing tassels, extraterrestrial textures, and tribal embroidery. As soon as she moved to Berlin she began to co-direct the Oscillator party and became the resident DJ […]

Palms Trax

Artists Palms Trax Jay Donaldson is that expression your mother always says when you don’t want to make your bed: “too old for some things, but too young for others…” His sound is classic like the Chicago-Detroit matchup, very mature for such a young person. The musical discourse that follows his house and disco sessions […]