Artists Buganvilla Bungavilia is a Colombian DJ and producer who has managed to move up in the international scene thanks to her mix of electronic rhythms and traditional Latin American sounds. She has released music with labels like Nicola Cruz and ZZK Records. The artist began on the Colombian underground scene and today she performs […]

I. Jordan

Artists I. Jordan Their dance sessions awaken the energy and emotion hidden in the deepest parts of your body. With the support of icons such as Ben UFO, Caribou, Four Tet, and Sherelle, I. Jordan decided to start their artistic career by primarily focusing on their DJ residencies in London clubs and hosting Do It […]

Ethel Cain

Ethel Cain en Cala Mijas 2023

Artists Ethel Cain American Teenager was included in Barack Obama’s list of favourite songs and the artist was amused by the fact that it was her anti-patriotic song. Her new album, Preacher’s Daughter, chronicles her complicated and abusive relationship with her father, a Baptist deacon. Her distinctive sound is inspired by the ethereal essence of […]


Moderat en Cala Mijas 2023

Artists Moderat We all know who Moderat is, the sum of Modeselektor plus Apparat. And even if you think you haven’t listened to them, perhaps you’ve heard A New Error at an afterparty at seven in the morning in a provincial city. After their hiatus in 2017, Moderat came back to publish MORE D4TA in […]

Vera Fauna

Vera Fauna en Cala Mijas 2023

Artists Vera Fauna Originally native to Seville, Vera Fauna is a group that belongs to an experimental musical framework rooted in Andalusia. Their music is a mix of neo-flamenco, pop, and psychedelia that comes from revisiting both classic artists such as Kiko Veneno and The Clash, and current ones like Divino Niño, Crumb, and Boogarins. […]

Charlie Cunningham

Charlie Cunnigham en Cala Mijas 2023

Artists Charlie Cunningham Charlie Cunningham brings together fans of Bon Iver, Beirut, Novo Amor, and José González. His song’s rhythmically lead you straight into emotional spaces. What at first was going to be a 3-month trip, ended up being 3 years spent in Seville perfecting his guitar mastery. Upon his return to the United Kingdom, […]


Sioxsie en Cala Mijas 2023

Artists Siouxsie Siouxsie has led the way in punk since 1976. Without her multiple albums and long history with The Banshees, the genre would never have been understood. Some of the most important bands in history such as U2, The Cure, and The Smiths were inspired by her rock gothic, post-punk essence. Siouxsie returns to […]

VVV [Trippin’you]

VVV [Trippin'you] en Cala Mijas 2023

Artists VVV [Trippin’you] Neo-bakalism and barbarism. VVV [Trippin’you] is a trio formed by Elinor Almenara, Adrián Bremmer, and Salvador Urbaneja and they are bringing the dance floor back to the parking lot. Their third LP Turboviolencia, released in 2021, established them on the Spanish underground scene. People’s dance animals are sure to be let loose […]

Cala Vento

Cala Vento en Cala Mijas 2023

Artists Cala Vento Cala Vento were responsible for providing the national music scene with a touch of pop punk. The Catalans stood out among the independent media for their first albums Cala Vento and Fruto Panorama, but it was definitely Balanceo that catapulted them to fame. Three years after this release, it’s about time that […]

Compro Oro

Compro Oro en Cala Mijas 2023

Artists Compro Oro Compro Oro is not just looking for gold to pawn, they are looking for folk, rumba, electronic, pop, and punk and they store all of it. So when they open that storage door, everything spills out in original and intense melodies that make you want to dance. In 2022 they released their […]