The Cala Mijas festival closes its first edition with successful audience and critical acclaim

Sonroa Mijas de noche, en Cala Mijas 2022

A total of 107,000 people attended across the three days, with Thursday being the busiest day and almost to full capacity. 

The festival will return in 2023, and is set to be held August 31 and September 1 and 2 in Sonora Mijas. 


The International Cala Mijas Festival closes its first edition, exceeding the expectations of attendees and with a feeling of doing so very well. The incredible combination of high-quality music, the sun, and the beach worked great, and it showed through in the atmosphere over the three days. It wasn’t only felt in the venue, but also in the streets and on the beach of Cala de Mijas, which was transformed and filled with color and good vibes thanks to the more than 100,000 people in attendance.

Cala Mijas 2022: an international event with record attendance

A total of 100,000 people attended the Cala Mijas festival, with a crowd gathering from more than 50 countries. The campsite was also almost full, and the concerts at La Playa—the daytime program in Cala de Mijas—were attended by nearly 2,500 people.

Cala Mijas has proven to be an international and intergenerational festival with a very wide age range, from families who came early in the afternoon with their children to a more mature audience, and festival experts passed this first edition of the festival in Mijas with flying colors. The international dimension of the event was marked by the diverse origin of its attendees over the three days: 27% corresponds to the international audience from 50 countries, with the United Kingdom, Germany, and Italy as those with the highest number of attendees. At the national level, the provinces with more festival goers were Madrid, Valencia, Catalonia, and Murcia. And the local and Andalusian presence was the most notable with people from all over Malaga, Seville, Cadiz, Cordoba, Marbella, and Jaen.

Ambiente en Cala Mijas 2022

J.M Grimaldi

90 artists passed through the first edition of the festival

With iconic talents such as Arctic Monkeys, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Liam Gallagher, The Chemical Brothers, Kraftwerk, Nathy Peluso, and Bomba Estéreo, this new festival has demonstrated the desire to enjoy a solid and electric event alongside its audience. A diverse festival that has brought together the rock and electronic music faithful, die-hard pop fans, and urban music enthusiasts. Cala Mijas: a space for everything and everyone.

The last day of Cala Mijas this Saturday was memorable thanks to the exciting performances from the great icons of rock, pop, electronic, and Latin music. The Sunrise stage closed its last day with a legendary program with artists including Liam Gallagher and his Brit-pop classics and the explosive and groundbreaking Nathy Peluso taking the crowd by storm with her Calambre. The Catalan natives Love of Lesbian had the audience at the Victoria stage chanting every lyric after the performance from the multifaceted James Blake. The Renault stage welcomed the eclecticism of Caribou, as well as the Malaga band La Trinidad and the South African Alice Phoebe Lou. La Caleta hosted a selection of the best electronic and urban music, making the audience dance with artists such as Daphni, SIMONA, and Nina Kraviz, closing the last night of the first edition of the festival with an eclectic set by Madrid’s Pional.

Nathy Peluso en Cala Mijas 2022

Nathy Peluso by Oscar Tejeda

Liam Gallagher en Cala Mijas 2022

Liam Gallagher by Oscar Tejeda

Love of Lesbian en Cala Mijas 2022

Love of Lesbian by Sharon Lopez

James Blake en Cala Mijas 2022

James Blake by Sharon Lopez

Caribou en Cala Mijas 2022

Caribou by Sharon Lopez

Cala Mijas: accesible, sustainable, and committed to its environment

Sustainability was considered in all processes; essential factors such as the adaptation of the venue with a zero surplus balance and the use of sustainable toilets, which have their own purification system and optimization of water consumption, all connected to Playa Mijas’ wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) through the installation of a sewage network, ultimately excluding the use of chemicals when treating waste. The recovery of existing flora and relocation of different varieties of trees affected by the construction on the plot was carried out, avoiding the use of concrete and asphalt, thus reducing the carbon footprint of the adaptation process to a minimum. Natural materials, such as wood, were used to build the stairs, walkways, and other elements of the festival. And a cashless system was implemented, with which the crowd could pay for all things festival- related with a simple twist of their wrist thanks to the technology integrated into the smart bracelets they received when they validated their tickets, ensuring secure payments. Another commitment of Cala Mijas is to Km0 hiring, which employs local workers while also working with the aim to raise awareness of the natural space and its protection—all incredibly important to keep the Costa del Sol in its maximum splendor.

Pulseras Cala Mijas 2022

J.M Grimaldi

Vaso reutilizable, Cala Mijas 2022

J.M Grimaldi

The festival had a wide gastronomic offering, catering to all food needs and promoting the use of local products through agreements with local suppliers.

It also guaranteed accessibility and services for people with reduced mobility in attendance. As well as promoted the use of reusable and returnable cups and ensured the separation of waste in all areas of the site and in all its phases (assembly, celebrations, and dismantling).

Work was done to promote sustainable mobility through the Organization’s bus system, with 20% of the attendees accessing the venue this way during the three days.

A donation was made to the “Embrace the sea of Mijas” project being carried out by the NGO Equilibrio Marino with the aim of recovering the Special Area of Conservation (SAC) Calahonda in Mijas.

The Mijas Town Hall and the Festival Organization have joined forces to prevent and raise awareness against sexist aggressions by installing a purple point at the venue to provide information and support to people who may need it, thus maintaining its active commitment to equal relationships between people, free of violence.

Thank you for the firts time

The Cala Mijas festival closes its first edition with great gratitude to the attendees who have trusted in the event and are happy for the excellent work done by the professionals who made it possible. Also, to the people of Mijas and to the neighbors of Mijas, who have welcomed attendees from all over the world with open arms and who have become the best ambassadors of this incredible event.

We would also like to thank the sponsors for their support, especially the Mijas Town Hall, all who were essential components for the excellent development of this first edition of the festival. Thanks to all the people who have accompanied us during these exciting days and help confirm that the Cala Mijas festival has come to stay in the hearts of all its attendees.

Gracias Mijas 2022


Mijas - Costa del Sol - España

August 31, and September 1 and 2, 2023
Passes on sale soon