Day two of the festival: a constellation of supernova in Cala Mijas

Ambiente atardecer en Cala Mijas 2022

On Friday, the sonorous, audiovisual, and emotional impact was the general tone of the incredible live performances from Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, The Chemical Brothers, Kraftwerk, Bomba Estéreo, and María Arnal i Marcel Bagés, among others 

The second day of Cala Mijas was marked by emotion—a collective emotion, a fusion between the audience and the artists. A second day that will reach the memories of all those who attended the first edition of Cala Mijas. Great legends, long-awaited shows, and the most promising performances have formed a second day full of unforgettable moments. Today, Sonora Mijas felt every heartbeat, every melody, and every smile of every attendee and artist who passed through the festival, serving as the venue that created a universe of stellar moments that will remain as a memory:

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds left the audience breathless at Sonora Mijas, with a show full of lights and shadows, but, above all, full of overwhelming emotion that united the audience with the iconic Australian group.

Nick Cave en Cala Mijas 2022

Oscar Tejada

– The electronic and visual show of the mythical Krafwerk captivated the most faithful of electronic music on the Victoria stage. 

Kraftwerk en Cala Mijas 2022

Oscar Tejada

The Chemical Brothers and their electronic anthems took the Sunrise stage by storm, setting the tone for a festival marked by visual and sonic impact. 

The Chemical Brother en Cala Mijas 2022

Oscar Tejada

Bomba Estéreo celebrated life with their signature Latin-flavored show, taking the audience on a musical journey straight to Colombia. 

Bomba Estéreo  en Cala Mijas 2022

Sharon Lopez

– The intergenerational audience of a diverse festival like Cala Mijas. 

Ambiente al anochecer en Cala Mijas 2022

JM Grimaldi

– The brilliant sunset at the hands of María Arnal i Marcel Bagés and their show to present the universe of Clamor. 

María Arnal en Cala Mijas 2022

Oscar Tejada

– The most underground electronic sounds in La Caleta by Chico Blanco and GAZZI. 

Chico Blanco en Cala Mijas 2022

Sharon Lopez

GAZZI en Cala Mijas 2022

Sharon Lopez

– La Cala de Mijas was flooded with music with the stellar programming of “La Playa” and moved the spirit of the festival to every corner of the town. 

Plasaporros en La Playa, Cala Mijas 2022

Sharon Lopez

– The electronic duo CharloDe Adigéry and Bolis Pupul, presenting their debut album with the audience of La Caleta devoted until the last moment. 

Charlotte Adigery & Bolis Pupul en Cala Mijas 2022

Sharon Lopez

– The first weekend of Cala Mijas has gathered the most dedicated attendees in a day full of eclectricism, diversity, and acceptance. 

Anochecer en Cala Mijas 2022

JM Grimaldi

The second day of the festival concludes with some of the most surprising and exciting live performances of a first edition that gradually shows that the festival is here to say, giving way to its last day, which promises to be one of the best last nights of summer with artists such as Liam Gallagher, Nathy Peluso, Caribou, and Nina Kraviz. 

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