The unique moments from the first edition of the international Cala Mijas festival

Cartel en Cala Mijas 2022

Cala Mijas festival’s opening exceeds all expectations with a vibrant venue on its first day of its first edition

First times change everything, they mark a before and an after, just like this 2022 edition of Cala Mijas: the first time. The electrifying energy of discovering the unknown has invaded the entrance of Sonora Mijas with the arrival of first attendees of the Cala Mijas festival. After months of waiting, they released the energy of living out such a long-anticipated experience, the energy of feeling it all for the first time.

21 artists and bands from all over the planet have composed the soundtrack of the first day of Cala Mijas. A debut festival, full of thousands of firsts—first times that we have been able to witness and feel together. First times that we summarize below:  

1. The attendees’ first entrance to the Sonora Mijas venue.

Entrada en Cala Mijas 2022
JM Grimaldi

2. The first sounds of the festival from the Malaga DJ La Vida De Jaime.

La Vide de Jaime en Cala Mijas 2022
Javier Rosa

3. The first races for front row spots at the Sunrise stage, which premiered the British band The Lathums; followed by the indies from Manchester Blossoms; giving way to one of the most anticipated bands of the night, the incomparable Arctic Monkeys.

Ambiente acceso en Cala Mijas 2022
JM Grimaldi

4. The first guitars and drums from Crawlers on the Victoria stage.

Crawlers en Cala Mijas 2022
Sharon Lopez

5. The first choruses in unison with Sen Senra.

San Senra en Cala Mijas 2022
Javier Rosa

6. The first dances in La Caleta with Ross from Friends, and Horse Meat disco b2b Kiddy Smile.

Ross from Friends en Cala Mijas 2022
Javier Rosa

7. The first sunset at Sonora Mijas with Irish native Róisín Murphy.

Roisin Murphy en Cala Mijas 2022
Sharon Lopez

8. The first and only concert in Spain after the announcement of the long awaited The Car, the new album from the kings of British rock, Arctic Monkeys.

Artic Monkey en Cala Mijas 2022
Sharon Lopez

9. The first night in Cala Mijas to the rhythm of Chet Faker, Marc Rebillet, Josey Rebelle, Overmono and Bonobo.

Ambiente público en Cala Mijas 2022
Pablo Belice

10. The first concerts of “La Playa” from LVL1, Kumbia Queers, Fiebre DJs, Dinamarca and Dengue Dengue Dengue.

When was the last time you did something for the first time? Cala Mijas thanks all its attendees for having been part of this first time, a debut edition full of excitement and enthusiasm.