Cala Mijas Festival. Costa del Sol (Málaga). 31 AUG/AGO - 1, 2 SEP 2023

Cala Mijas Festival. Costa del Sol (Málaga). 31 AUG/AGO - 1, 2 SEP 2023


The perfect way to end the summer!

Cala Mijas are the moments you’ll want to capture in that summer photo. Cling to its warmth, feel in the skin the breeze from the south. Where sand, sun and sea flood the landscape. Music permeates every corner, every street, every morning and every night.

Cala Mijas Festival. Costa del Sol (Málaga). 31 AUG/AGO - 1, 2 SEP 2023

Where to sleep


Over 110,000 people have enjoyed the concerts from Thursday to Saturday, surpassing last year’s attendance. Florence + the Machine chose the festival for their tour

The Strokes arrasa en un concierto greatest hits para el recuerdo La Playa sorprende a mijeños y visitantes con su ambiente festivo y actuaciones icónicas como las

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La Cala de Mijas
What could be better than a dip in the Mediterranean
Be sure to visit the beaches in La Butibamba and Las Buganvillas.

Walk through history in the Torreón of the Cala de Mijas and the Santa Teresa Church.
Costa del Sol’s best kept secret
Walk along its cobblestone streets lined with white houses and blue flowerpots.
Recharge your batteries by savouring the gastronomy of the south, and top it off with a cold beer in the sun.
A place to live an endless summer
Look out over the Mediterranean from the Sierra de Mijas mountain range and get lost on the slopes of this natural enclave.
Enjoy the eternal sunset by the sea along the Coastal Footpath and discover the magic of its hidden dunes and sandy beaches.

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